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Midnight Raptor

Midnight Raptor is a secret airforce project. Airforce developed a brand new sort of jetfighter
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29 January 2009

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Action games enthusiasts, who always had the desire to work on secret defense projects, now can get into the thrill with the new Midnight Raptor 1.0. The game takes you on a secret air force mission for saving the survivors and combating the aliens. While on your way to accomplish the mission, you also get the chance pick up goodies and collect variety of weaponry to fight with the enemies. Grab as many objects and survivors as you can and you would get the scores accordingly. Have the fun, and remember to be quick as the aliens are all after you to blast your plane.

The Midnight Raptor 1.0 comes across as a riveting gaming application that packs in quite adrenaline punch. The game begins with describing the objects you need to deal with in the game-play. It requires you to rescue the survivors and pick up the goodies present in the game fields, and along with these you need to fight the OVO aliens attacking your plane to destroy it. Click for playing the game, and you would be shown your battlefield, where you need to carry out your mission. Beginning with the game, you would find your jetfighter plane moving in the further direction, and its directions can even be controlled with arrow keys. Moving on with the game, you would find the weaponry floating and the OVO aliens flying around. You need to destroy the aliens and pick up the goodies and survivors to earn scores. And, you need to be quick as you have to complete the levels while saving the survivors in specific time limit. At the game’s end you’re shown the scores, and the count of collected objects, destroyed aliens and saved survivors.

Midnight Raptor 1.0 game provides loads of fun and action for you to enjoy your spare time by going on its exciting air force mission. Considering the easy game controls, impressive graphical work, and entertaining game play, it’s assigned with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Midnight Raptor is a secret airforce project. Airforce developed a brand new sort of jetfighter plane that is about to be taken on its first mission by no other than you. You will have a chance to try its maneuverability and reliability in one of the hardest actions ever. Your goal will be to eliminate enemy aircrafts and prevail in on on one air fights with enemy jetfighters. Your mission is hard but you have the technological means to win it. All you need is some fine arcade gaming touch and you are ready to go. Play Midnight Raptor free action game now!
Midnight Raptor
Midnight Raptor
Version 1.0
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